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Get a price quote on Carl criminal defense services by calling 210-573-6645. Carl can tell you how much your case will cost within 5 minutes.

Because every case is different and the amount of time and preparation varies depending on your circumstances, Carl does not post uniform prices for different charges such as DWI, sexual assault, etc.

Cost Factors to Consider

The price to hire a private San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer varies. Three factors to consider in calculating cost include the attorney’s experience and background, success rate, and the number of charges/type of crime(s) you’ve been accused of. Generally, the more serious nature of the accused crime, the higher the price to defend against the charge.

Another cost consideration is whether there is additional information and/or evidence that will help you defend against criminal charges. In this instance, hiring a private investigator will increase the total cost of defending against charges but can be well worth the extra cost if it leads to your charges getting dismissed or helps in defending you at trial.

Call Carl right now at 210-573-6645 to find out how much it will cost to defend your criminal charges.

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